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What Does Lucky Mean ?

Published on March 15, 2018 under St Patricks Day

What does lucky mean anyway? We talk about a leprechaun being lucky and the word lucky itself is spread around this holiday like sugar on a kids cereal.  I asked the kids what lucky means.

 Pretty much the answer I got was ” rich” or ” surprise.” We looked up synonyms of lucky and they were words like blessed, or charmed.  Those are still very open ended words that children can’t really sink their teeth into.  I told the kids   a story called ” The Lucky Old Lady.”


 The story was an old school one that included individual pieces like a flannel board story.   The story goes something like this :

There was an old lady that was very poor. She was a happy lady that worked hard.  One day she found an old black kettle.  She said ‘ How lucky am I! ” and started walking toward home.

Surprisingly the kettle had gold coins in it.   She dreamed of all the things she could buy with the gold including a castle.  ” How lucky am I ” she said.

As she walked further the gold turned into silver.  “Oh well.. maybe i can’t but a castle but I can still buy a mansion and have my friends over for a party. I am so lucky. ”

You guessed it .. then the silver turned into a rock.  ” Oh well.. I am so lucky. My door won’t stay open . I can use this rock to prop it open.”

And then last the rock turned into a spotted hob noggin.  He jumped up and ran away.  She had nothing. ” Oh I am so lucky for the opportunity to SEE a hob noggin. I have always wanted to see one. ”

She saw the good in everything.  She was lucky because of her outlook on life.  That is a pretty big lesson for such little minds that are still pretty egocentric but … hey, I planed a seed and they loved the story.

We also had some new materials that are more theme related on the table today.  The kids loved going through the box to see what might land on the table next.

This is GOLD glitter moving it from one side to the other with a tiny spoon.  FINE MOTOR !



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