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Little Comedians Today

Published on March 13, 2018 under Art

I would like to say the highlight of my day was the ” activity ” that I planned but it wasn’t.  These kids were funny today. I put several little clips of their hilariousness on my Facebook but I will list here too since I know not everyone follows me.


Child with guitar.
Me: are you going to be a guitarist when you grow up?
Child: no. I’m gonna grow up and work here so I can be in charge. …. when you DIE

( Gracie )


Child ( showing me an autographed art of a 3 year old)- here’s someone’s art I found.
Me: I can’t tell who’s writing that is.
Child: Then maybe put on your glasses

( Grayson)


Me: 15 Minute warning guys…

Child: 15 minutes. She must love us.

( Grayson)

There was a lot of free crafting today.  Khloe made this crown and one of the boys made a back pack.  Nathan even said to Tryston ” Stop making awesome stuff because when you do they want us to make them one. ”  LOL !

We also talked about the puppet show last night. If you want to see what they said there is a live feed video on our group page. I loved right out of the gate how Grayson said ” You can’t see the people.” Other things they remembered that the puppet show had that we have not planned are music and lights. The way  a child emergent curriculum works is now that we have talked about this as a teacher I decide what I can do to add invitations or provocations to get them to think about our next step.  Will we listen to music to see what fits ? Will we write music like Gracie suggested ?  How do you write music ? Do we know anyone here that can write music…. ?  🙂  AH… Do you see where I am going?


To continue to ” Make Art Meaningful” today we added transparency paper and sharpies to the table.  We now have beautiful stained glass windows.

And one last funny.  Boy to a girl” How do you know how to make hearts?” Another boy ” Girls just always know how to make hearts. Thats what they do.”




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