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Literacy “Work” Happens

Published on March 29, 2018 under Literacy

This is a list of indicators from the Arkansas Kindergarten Readiness scale under the literacy section.


Emergent Literacy

Engagement in Literacy Experiences and Understanding of Books and Stories

G Listens, tells and engages in story being read
G Participates in singing songs and saying rhymes
G Retells stories from favorite books and personal experiences

EL1. Engagement in literacy experiences and understanding of stories and books

  1. EL1.1  Shows interest in literacy experiences
  2. EL1.2  Engages in read-alouds and conversations about books and stories

Phonological Awareness

G Decides if two words rhyme for example, cat and bat


EL2. Phonological Awareness

EL2.1 Notices and manipulates the sounds of language

Knowledge and Use of Books, Print, and Letters

G Holds books right-side up, turns pages one at a time from front-to- back

G Recognizes print they see in their everyday life (for example, stop- signs and logos for Wal-Mart and McDonald’s )

G Recognizes and names some letters of the alphabet, especially in their own name

G Produces the correct sounds for some of the letters of the alphabet G Writes some letters correctly, especially those in own name

EL3. Knowledge and Use of Books, Print, and Letters

EL3.1 Responds to features of books and print
EL3.2 Shows knowledge of the shapes, names, and sounds of letters EL3.3 Demonstrates emergent writing skills


Here are some random pictures I took throughout our day.

Not to mention the book that was made today.   This is a great example of how we  ” teach ” letters and letter sounds without the rote teaching.  Tryston made a bunny mask.


 He put it on a baby doll .  ( It is quite good .)   Then he decided the baby with the bunny mask needed more clothes so he made those as well.

 After he was finished he put a lot of pages of paper together and said he was making a book.  I asked ” What will your book be about ?”  He decided to make the book about the process he used to make the bunny clothes.  We walked through each page. He numbered the steps.  He asked me how to write the words he was using.


When he was finished he said ” Can you write authored by Tryston?”  I replied ” You can. I will help.  He did it.


THIS… is meaningful literacy work.  ( Along with all the other writing you saw in the other pictures.)


Also, this was helpful today.  Everyone helped to fold the cloths we use for drying our hands !





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