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Published on April 2, 2018 under Art

Seriously, the Monday after a holiday usually filled with candy and its RAINING?  Not to mention Holly arranged a while ago to accompany Kilee on a field trip.  I like to accommodate her being with Kilee or other family commitments as I can.  Family is important and well.. we survived.  Randy stepped up today and I think the kids enjoyed playing with him.  His level of excitement is always a little over the edge but the kids love it.

We did a little dancing.  Its interesting to me the types of music that the kids request. We don’t often do what I consider ” children’s music.” You can start scrolling through different genres of music and watch their faces and their feet to see what kind they like.  When you have ” music time” and it is theme related many times it is all the same type of music.  The way we teach our music time is a little more lax.  A child comes up and says ” I want to have hear music .” I usually say ok if there isn’t anything else huge going on and then I ask ” What kind ? What do you want to hear?”  I get answers everywhere from ballet to rock.  Music is good for the soul.

We did a little art today.  It was free choice.  I am trying to make sure everyone has enough art pieces for our show at the end of the year. . I love listening to their stories as they paint.  Mila in this picture was painting herself.   The detail is amazing.

Sometimes you see children revisit an idea from an earlier day.  Remember the guided bunny drawings ?

Speaking of Malea and ” revisiting ” do you remember a few months ago I blogged about fine motor and using the correct hand formation for scissor cutting.  I don’t make a big deal about it.  I just say ” Oh, it is easier if you put your thumb on the top and always point the scissors away from you. That is safe.”  Today Malea started to cut a piece of paper to make a ticket for her game and she turned and said ” Ms Debbie . Look. I did it right.! ” Yes , you did baby girl.

This is a boat.

Their idea.

Malea is attaching the links to the bottom so they will all stay together.

Later this same row of chairs became a train.

They cut  out tickets and wrote on them.

A child’s imagination  can take them anywhere.

One of our former  littles visited Friday and mom said she was having problems at school because she said mermaids are real. The other kids are bucking up against her. The teacher even mentioned asking her to back off. Serious ? She is 5 years old.  Why can’t she still have an imagination.  Get over yourself. Children with imaginations are authors, performers and world changers.  How can you go see the ” Greatest Showman” and love the movie but yet deprive children of the right to dream  ?




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