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Here’s Your Rabbit !

Published on March 28, 2018 under Art

I don’t know how many of you follow me on my personal social media pages but I shared a blog the other day about a paper plate bunny. Here is an excerpt from that blog :


What learning outcome do children get from these products, the paper-plate rabbits with perfectly positioned features guided and glued in place, by the well-meaning adult?

The handprint flowers, or Easter chicks. Painting children’s hands in succession & holding their wrists as we carefully print, taking extra care that the paint doesn’t smudge or smear.




This may be a controversial subject, with many disagreeing that it’s wonderful for parents to look back on these creations. Looking back on a bygone time, when their little ones hand’s prints were just a memory of the time when they were so very small.


As we know children grow up so quickly, so surely, it’s a time to cherish by helping them have experiences that they will look back with fond memories. Creating items that are unique to the individual and not clones, copies or replicas of a design dictated by the adult. That once strung across the classroom all look exactly the same, with no individuality or personality allowed in their creations

If you want to read the whole blog you can go to this page

We made bunnies today also using guided drawing techniques.  This is as close as product art that we get.  I enjoy these and the children do also.  I am helping them to know how to manipulate the tool to draw a specific object but not telling them how to make it look . Each drawing was individual.  What I like even more about guided drawing is that they realize  that they can use the marks on paper to create drawings that are real !   We also expand our language by using words like pressure, extend, top, bottom, broad and so many more.


Other things that happened today : Color Mixing. This comes natural when your teacher doesn’t have the color you absolutely NEED to finish your art piece.

And Tryston made an umbrella since we have had so much rain.

There was also a little impromptu puppet show.  Elliette made a puppet and asked her friends to watch her show.



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