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Hodge Podge

Published on February 21, 2018 under Art


There was still a lot of talk today about bucket fillers and bucket dippers.  When we did family time we revisited what it means. I asked if anyone had filled others buckets yet today .  I had several give me great examples. I asked if anyone’s bucket felt empty.  Grayson said ” My bucket is empty.”  I replied ” Oh Grayson.  I bet that feels terrible.  I noticed the other day that you were drawing a tractor and it was amazing. It had huge wheels and a design painted on the side.  You really worked hard on that.” He smiled.  I asked the children if they noticed what happened to Grayson when I reminded him what a great artist he is.  They all said ” He smiled.”   What happened later in the morning is when it got interesting.  Grayson was all about creating art.  Not only did he create his own art but he made art for others to make them smile.  ” Here’s a piece of art for you.  I drew it for you. ”  I didn’t dig deeper in conversation but I am pretty sure they all understood that when you fill someone else’s bucket it feels your bucket too.  🙂 I love my preschool family.


Sometimes it is the little things that pull children to old materials .  I moved a step to the science area today.  I caught many children standing there to explore.  


Art comes in many forms.  ” Can you play ballerina music for me?”  Sure ! 

We did a little group art for our walls today too.  Amazing keepsake family pictures  !

And then there was this kind of art again…

And this….

These littles creativity  amazes me.


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