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Published on February 22, 2018 under conscious discipline

So much goes on in the dress up room.  That isn’t usually the area I spend the most time in but I love popping in and listening to their interactions.  Studies tell us that children sometimes ” work out life” in this play area.   Looks to me like Gabe was in purchase mode and Naomi was in ” boss” mode.  


Still amazing art happening.  Sometimes you just have to stop and observe and say ” why not?” 

I played a matching game with a few of the littles that decided to light next to me at the table.


The BIG stuff.  When we get outside is sometimes when the real big stuff starts happening.  This playhouse was a castle today with an evil witch and a jail.  Either way, the supporting players were trying to decide who would be in the playhouse and who would be out. That is hard.


Child 1-  She pushed me and I fell.

Child 2 – He choked me.

Me- Inquisitive look

Child 1- It hurt.

Child 2 – It hurt when she pushed me.

Me – Silent

Child 2. Walks away

Child 1. Cries

Me to child 1 – It hurts when our friends push us. Hands are not for pushing.  Are you ok ?  ( pause) Did you choke her ?   ( Yes) Sigh…. I think she got hurt too.  Sometimes when we hurt our friends they hurt us back.

Child 1 Walks away

I listened. I empathized. I didn’t fix it. Life lessons are hard. Sometimes our kids miss them because we helicopter and take away the hurt  they feel.   Its like we are scared for them to feel pain and to figure out life. What better way to figure it all out while closely supervised with an adult who cares for both sides.


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