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There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

Published on December 1, 2017 under Christmas

Today I sat for bits and pieces with children playing at this center.  I wanted to share with you how many different things can be ” taught ” with one simple material.

When we first started playing and I hijacked Mila’s play this is what she was doing . ”   Ms Debbie let’s do this  and line them up around….”  Since initially my thoughts were leaning toward  all math concepts I just observed .  After waiting a few minutes to see what direction she was going in I joined her play.  I interjected words like border, longer ( side ) and shortest ( side). I would mention that these two ” match ” or ” I like this round one. ”



A game later in the morning with another child was one to one correspondence .  Put one piece inside each square.  ” Oh, the small ones are rectangles ! ”  and “Do you think we will have enough ?”  Estimation !

I wonder how many we can stack.  Let’s count them.

I wonder would we be able to stack more if we put the larger ones on the bottom ?


I had another picture and I guess it didn’t load.  One that picture you would see more sorting and simple patterns.

Getting children about math concepts that you sneak in through play is easy when it concerns Santa, snowmen and rudolf.



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