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Oh Evergreen …

Published on December 4, 2017 under Christmas

Today our newest friend started to school. He wasn’t really NEW NEW as his big brother Gabe has been coming to school here for months.  This is Jude .  He took Molly’s place.  I didn’t get to talk to Mom today since I had an appointment at pick up time ( So sorry Sara ) but he did AMAZING. You couldn’t even tell that he was a newbie.  He blended and had so much fun.  We are happy you are here , Jude !



The leaves are BEAUTIFUL!





These two pieces got nailed together today.  I THINK this is Nathan .  Tryston didn’t wear his glasses today so I am second guessing myself.   This is Nathan, isn’t it mom.


So, boys are genetically competitive. ]




If Nathan can hammer together a piece of wood, surely we ALL can.  



Green solo cup Christmas tree .


I added star bright connectors today .

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree.  The provocation I set out today were different kind of ever green pieces with assorted tools. There was a ruler and a magnifier. There were small scissors and this mortar and pestle .  The kids could grind the evergreen pieces and smell the strong aroma from the oils it releases.


We had a visitor today.  Marcy has been coming to our place for years.  She usually comes to do a review of our environmental rating scale . Today she came to play and discuss the Reggio philosophy with me and what I might could do better.  She is a wealth of information.   She gave me a few tips but said we were doing wonderful.


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