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O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree !

Published on December 11, 2017 under Christmas

Some of my best memories hang on my Christmas tree.  Each year we try to add an ornament that represents something BIG that happened during the year.  Example : This year I am searching for a paddle boat ornament. If you don’t know that story…. remind me one day to tell you.   In addition to that I have a few ornaments that Geneviette made as a preschooler.  I used to have Addam and Danielle’s but after they got married I sent the ornaments  to their homes. Today , we started our first Christmas ornament keep sake. I try to make these as much of your child’s handiwork as I can.  I mean .. really.. you don’t want ornaments made by Ms. Debbie having on your tree for years . These need to dry a little but they will go home today.


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