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Published on December 12, 2017 under Winter

This morning we had a few melt downs and a little craziness .  So much to the point when a mom left she said ” Have a mediocre day ! ”  LOL ! Well, we totally lived up to that .  I sometimes laugh and say ”  It was  a good day. There was no blood involved ” Except today.. there was.  No worries.. it was mine.  🙂   Whew.. is it 3 pm yet ?


Our day started with a birthday celebration  with Gabe. He turned 5 years old !  Happy Birthday Gabe. !   I love how you decided to decorate your G for our Birthday Ritual Wall.


The rest of the day involved a lot of STAR ( Stop, take a deep breath and relax .) and spilled milk  broken glass, scissors cutting our playroom rug  and baskets of crayons dumped . It also involved sparkles … ALL THE SPARKLES.


Atleast if our day isn’t amazing .. and it turns out mediocre- it is mediocre with a side of sparkles.




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