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Community and The Coughing Monster

Published on October 19, 2017 under conscious discipline

Some of you may have heard yesterday we had an episode of rest time coughing. I am not just talking one person coughing I am talking a round robin of coughing.  One person coughed and then it went on and on and on.. like the song that never ends.

Tis the season… some kids ( and Randy ) are coughing.

All of the coughs are not real.  I can say that ,right ?  We can all be honest.   We have heard one child cough all day and that is Mila.

It may be funny at first when a few kids start to mimic and cough at rest time .

Its not funny at all when the whole room coughs over and over and you aren’t a yeller or a screamer so you can’t get control of it and it won’t stop.


I need you to know these things.

I will NEVER mistreat kids.

I do notice if someone coughs throughout the day .

I can tell the difference between a real cough and a fake cough. I have 32 years experience .

So, when your child comes home and says ” Ms Debbie said to stop coughing..” please know it was a real problem.  I don’t just say things to children to be mean.

Today we all sat down and talked about what happened yesterday when the great coughing monster attacked our room. We all agreed that Mila was our only friend coughing .  As we walked to lay down we had coughing before they hit their mat.

Im over it.

If your child is an amazing actor and having coughing fits at nap time because its funny , please talk to them.  That’s like crying wolf.  If your child is genuinely sick . Take them to the doctor.

One of our main goals here is to create community ( and obviously not cough at rest time unless you are sick. )  Today as I watched our kiddos I realized how well they take care of each other.

Malea fell off the board she was walking on and immediately Molly was there to help.

Molly looked around and Pax was looking out the window . She motioned for him to come help. He did.

Scarlett  showed up to offer calm down techniques.

I never once went to their assistance as I watched from a few feet away.

Next year at kindergarten I won’t be there to ” Fix ” everything but we have raised a community that will take care of each other.





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