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Art Happens All The Time .. Everywhere

Published on May 3, 2017 under Art

This morning I had parent conferences and Ms Dallas had the children exploring how to make art that was not flat on a piece of paper.

We made yet another piece of art for our art show.

There are some benefits of art in the preschool classroom that we sometimes overlook.

Never is one child’s art exactly like another child’s. Even if they are doing a group project the end result is different .. unique.  By addressing this in our preschool family we are teaching that there is more than one right way . We are teaching the children to value people’s idea that are diverse.

The kind of art we do is called process art. We aren’t as excited about the product as we are the process.   When we are focused on what we are learning as we create art that opens the world to success for everyone.  Children need to feel successful.

Art like we have participated in the past two days incorporates other curriculum subjects like science .  Rarely is art just stimulating the creative .




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