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Published on April 4, 2017 under Winter

Today was an important day for our preschoolers that are headed to kindergarten in the fall.  The counselor , Lisa Frey ( pronounced fry ) came to visit with them and read them a book about their new school , Northside.  Mrs. Frey was kind and calm and the littles enjoyed the time she was here. I didn’t see or hear a lot because I let Ms Dallas take the lead on this activity since Rani was in there. Never too early to start building relationships with the Northside crew.   Felicia , Vallie’s mom , stopped in to visit during that time too.  I have no doubt the ones moving up are ready socially and academically to not only succeed but to help others succeed.

Small groups today was a little number recognition BINGO game.

The littles were excited outside to find lots of water that could be turned into mud.

Do you want me to list the Early Learning Standards of which activity  ( Small group game or outside mud play )they learned more from ?


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