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Rabbits and Rainbows

Published on April 5, 2017 under Art

Today we read the Carrot Seed. The Carrot Seed is a popular children’s  book that is often used in training circles.  The little boy plants a tiny seed and everyone in his family tells him  ” It won’t come up. ”  Mom tells him. Dad tells him.  His big brother tells him ” It won’t home up. ”  The little boys waters the seed daily and pulls the weeds from around it.  Eventually.. it comes up. The last page shows a little boy hauling a huge carrot in a wheel barrow.  Stories like this are great for teaching persistence and building self esteem. May we always be the people in our children’s life that tell them “You can do it ! ” or ” It will come up. ”

After reading the book we graphed who liked carrots and who did not.   We talked about most and least.   Of course for lunch I added roasted parmesan carrots to the menu to try.


We also did more guided drawing today .   I LOVE the pictures that come out when we teach our kiddos step by step how to draw something .  I don’t say ” No, draw it here ” or guide their hands . Today I said draw a huge hill on the bottom of your paper.  Now, draw two ears on top.  Next draw two smaller ears inside the large ears…. you get the picture !  They are quiet the artist.   Every time I am amazed at their drawings. We only do these maybe once a month but I think it gives them confidence that they CAN draw.  There is no right or wrong way and they all look unique.


This group of littles decided on their own they were going to make ” tickets .”  They drew designs and then cut them out and distributed them to their friends.  Earlier in the morning Ms Dallas had suggested the I see if Nathan and Tryston wanted to illustrate a book.  GREAT IDEA ! So, while they were working I asked what the tickets were for , where they would take their friends and what they would do once they got there.   I dictated the story.  I plan to type it out tonight and tomorrow we can allow our classroom artist to illustrate it for us.

Oh , and the book is about rainbow land.


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