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V is for Valentines

Published on February 14, 2017 under Winter

Sugar .. sugar anyone ?

We limit our sugar and we have already had a LOT .

Valentines breakfast.

We went around the circle this morning and passes a stuffed heart and said one thing we are thankful for.

We charted what ” a good friend is.. ”

Playing  Valentines games with the kids.  We  started out with the alphabet bingo game.

I quickly realized my three year olds were not anywhere near ready for that game.  So we switched to a game called ” Don’t eat Pete ” for the three year olds.  ” Don’t eat Pete” is just a silly nonsense game of chance but the kids love it.

We read the Dino-fours Valentines Story and we made Valentines from read paper like they did !

We had a Valentines themed lunch with small heart shaped homemade pizzas !

We will end the day ( like bookends ) with even more sugar as we have a Valentines themed snack.

What a busy day.


Oh … some of the littles were successful with the little provocation in the block room !

And HEY ! to the parents that were able to stop in and say Happy Valentines Day !



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