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A Weird Quietness

Published on February 15, 2017 under conscious discipline

Today was weird.

It was so quiet.

Five of our friends are out not feeling well so we were a little out of whack.

It was a nice ” Out of Whack.”

If there is any day in a preschool teachers life that we could wish ” a quiet weirdness ” descend on us , I would think the day after celebrating Valentines would be it.

We had a visitor.  Leslie Corbell, our A-State Conscious Discipline coach stopped by.   She didn’t get to see much CD in action since we are so few today.  As I said ” It doesn’t look like there will be much to watch today ” two of our girls started yelling at each other like there’s no tomorrow.  That might sound like it would be embarrassing but it actually isn’t.  When that happens visitors get to see the kid’s problem solving skills kick in.  Once in a while  as we watch, we have to step in to guide them with a next step.  This is how we  learn.  Leslie did get to join us in family time today ! That was special.  They probably wondered how she knew all our CD ‘ skills ” already.  Leslie is a great mentor and friend. She actually stopped by to visit with some exciting news.   When plans are finalized I will let you in on the secret.  🙂

We played a fun number bingo game today.  We looked for numbers 1-6 in a heart and colored them in.

I hope my friends are better today but please forgive me when I say ” the quietness today was welcomed. ”

In the meantime we were a little silly and played in the mud and did lots of art.




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