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Busy Bears

Published on February 28, 2017 under Bears

We read the book ” Bear Gets Scared ” on the porch this morning. In the book a storm is coming and bear gets scared. HIs friends are looking for them. Each time it said ” bear gets scared ” we talked about what he could do to calm down . Each time we chose a different calm down technique.

We also read ” Goldilocks and the Three Bears ” outside before going in.

Then the boys did bear crawls into the house.

The girls ran and squealed like Goldilocks.

We built a bear cave for sleeping .

Is this Goldilocks I see ?

Just a little math fun with our counting bears . How can we put these bears in families ? How can we sort them ?

Parker is being an overachiever . She made a pattern with her blue bears .

Even more math that happened without prompting. Can you tell they are in groups of four ?

He said ” I need two more. “

Its that time of year. I hate doing tornado drills. Unlike fire drills for some reason these scare the kids . 🙁 I know its helpful but man….

It was a good day today.   The bears were busy.


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