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Brown Bear , Blue Horse, Purple Cat

Published on February 27, 2017 under Bears

Today we started our unit on bears.  This week we will use bears to practice counting and literacy. We will use bears to review colors and the alphabet. We will use bears to practice sequencing and retelling stories. We will use bears to be reminded about conscious discipline when a bear in a story gets scared.  This is your weekly reminder.   Though our unit is ” Bears” it really isn’t about bears at all.

We had visitors today from BelleVista Preschool.   The were curious and kind. The children love it when someone new steps in for a day.

We did read Brown Bear Brown Bear.

We shoveled a HUGE box full of rocks and dirt.  These activities are great for our large motor skills.  Remember motor skills develop from the outside in. We have to gain control of our shoulders, arms and elbows before we gain control of our fingers for writing.




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