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Puppies and Presidents

Published on January 20, 2017 under Pets

We had a special visitor today .  It’s always great to have visitors but when it is a former little it is  extra special.  ( Side note… its very humbling and validating when former parents continue to ” give back ” to our preschool family even when they are gone.  It touches my heart.  )


Canyon ( and his mom and his little brother ) came to visit and brought two little puppies. The back one was named Emily and the white one was named Spot.  Canyon told is all about his puppies – including how the momma dog ” pooped ” them out.  Well…. she kinda did.  🙂  I think that explanation for the most part was lost in the excitement of the puppies arrival. When they were tiny they also drank milk from the momma from something that looks a lot like a belly button.  Oh what a day.  The kids loved holding the puppies gently and learning what they eat . There was one little guy that went everywhere in reverse it was very cute.  I believe there are 6 puppies total and they may be looking for homes soon if you are interested.

We also took a few moments to watch the new President being sworn in.   Regardless of what party you follow or what strong beliefs you have about how this administration will help or hurt us this event is history.   We talked about who the President is and that he is our countries safe keeper  . Children do not need to carry adult burdens.  In our little preschool fairy tale world the new President is a safe keeper and we respect him because of the office he carries. We make an oath or pledge to the flag every day.  Patriotism ….


I have seen friends calling Trump names today. I have tried to steer clear of social media today but I did respond one time.

I teach my children respect. I teach them calling names is not acceptable regardless of situations. A persons name is the thing they learn first in life – the one thing that holds value to every person. If I can teach my 3 year olds to show emotional regulation and not name call surely as adults we can handle this too. Take a deep breath everyone. Be a role model even when others aren’t. Also for those that didn’t watch the inauguration today – shame on you. History is history. Theodore Roosevelt said, the more you know about the past , the better off you are for the future. If you don’t agree with decisions made then get involved to make things better. My preschoolers sat quietly and attentive as they watched their new safe keeper be sworn in. The only thing they will know about him
Are things we as adults tell them or they hear on the media. Kinda like racism – a child isn’t born with it he is taught. Lessons are being taught to children all over the world today with President Trump taking office by the things they hear us say. I am
Proud of what I taught my kids today.




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