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Hamsters and Rainbow Fish

Published on January 23, 2017 under Pets

We are still talking about pets this week. Mila brought Pinky her hamster in .  Pinky has slept most of the day but that is teaching us something too.  Hamsters are nocturnal animals .  Mila said she could wake up him up with her sweet yodel she does.  Unfortunately he didn’t wake up but it was the cutest thing ever.

WE GOT A LETTER. WE GOT A LETTER. WE GOT A LETTER HEY HEY HEY HEY.  Mrs. Oyler , a Northside kindergarten teacher , is still sending letters to use from her class.  Today our future kindergarteners  read the LONG letter that came in the mail on Friday .   They answered our questions ( Do you have a pool ? Do you have a pet ?  … the kids made them up. ) The letter we read today asked us a few things.  There were 5 questions so each other P4’s ( older kids ) took a question and answered it and illustrated their answer.  We are enjoying this exchange .

Another thing we enjoyed today was listening to the book ” Rainbow Fish ” and then creating our own fish with one sparkly scale.

The Franco’s were on the ball today.   Before family time we got a video from Rochelle wishing us well. The kids loved it.  We thought maybe she needed a warm fuzzy back and I just realized at this moment that I got busy and never sent the video we made you Rochelle. So sorry.  🙂

On the bright side though.. Pax came running downstairs today.  ” LOOK ! It’s for Jasper’s name. ” Yes it is buddy. That is a J.

You might have noticed this above the sign in sheet today . This is our big ideas for the week and any ” news.”  I am crying uncle on getting that screen to play my slides like I need it to.  Lesson learned. You must be smart enough to run the technology pieces you add to your space. 🙁


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