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The Pink Poodle

Published on January 19, 2017 under Pets

Since we are learning about pets this week I talked to Tara at the Pink Poodle and set up a field trip to her place the PINK POODLE .

The walk there is almost as educational as the experience itself as we talk about ways to stay safe while walking near a street.  These guys are pretty good at it.  The Pink Poodle is quite a walk for us and we have some littles with tiny feet . If we are near the street and a car comes we practice FREEZING and not moving. We are more safe that way. At intersections before crossing a road we stop, listen and look for cars.  And lastly, walking is much safer  if you have a partner or  a buddy that is walking with you.

As we arrived at the PINK POODLE Tara graciously showed us around her space.  She has a newly renovated area where  her animals being boarded  stay.  It is beautiful  and clean.  One of the little girls said ‘ It smells so good in here. ”   Seriously, how often does that happen at a groomers ?  ( I might be partial this is Sport’s home away from home when we are out of town. )

We saw animals getting hair trimmed and baths.

We saw where they stay while they are waiting to go home and met a few dogs.

In the front they have CLOTHES and other fun stuff  for the animals  !

We loved seeing the PINK POODLE where they help us take care of our pets.

Tara even gave us goody bags with scooby snacks in them.  🙂


Thanks Tara and the PINK POODLE . We learn so much more when we can see, touch and smell .  You helped bring our learning to life.


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