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Large Dogs and Small Dogs

Published on January 25, 2017 under Winter

We had two visitors today.  We had Vallie’s dog Samson come and visit. Samson is a boxer . When he first arrived he was shivering a little.  ( Who wouldn’t shiver when faced with 16 preschoolers that are dying to get their hands on your ears or tail?  )


Parker’s grandma brought her dog Bella to visit too. Bella was MUCH smaller. She stayed in Deanna’s lap .  Her toe nails were painted.

We found out that most dogs are pretty much the same regardless of their size.

They eat .

They sleep .

They play.

Well… except this dog.

Our lesson plan today was about birds.  We didn’t have a visitor with a bird so I just set up a provocation with feathers.

I didn’t tell the littles what to do with them. I didn’t add more materials.  Khloe immediately found some paper and started cutting and taping and gluing.  Once she had her ” Indian boy hat ” on she was not satisfied.  She continued to cut and add pieces to her hat.  Ms Dallas reminded her it might not be safe to have a piece hanging in front of your eye . You need to be able to see to walk. She assured us that she can ” look this way ( eyes cut to the right ” when her left eye is covered.  ”

Some of the children drew a picture and used the feathers to frame the picture.

Others used the feathers to supplement drawings they made.


” The green is the grass and the colored feathers are birds. “


This is called free art . We used feathers as an open ended piece .  The children could use as they wanted.  As I sat at the table and talked to them I sorted them . I gathered all of the purple ones. Sometimes when the children see a teacher do something they mimic.  Today one of the kids simply said ” Now you can make a purple picture. ”   We talked a little at the table about how feathers help birds to fly and that birds have different colors of feathers.

Also ! I have exciting news ! Do you remember me telling you that’s been reported that kids will need to try new foods anywhere from 7 to 15 times before acquiring a taste for it. That’s a lot.  We had such a variety of of menus that after I thought about it the rotation to get back to a new food was quiet a long stretch.  I decided to take the same menu and rotate it each week. The food items are presented in a different way but still the same food. ( Example :  Eggs- boiled, scrambled, baked …   Broccoli – steamed, fresh. )  This week one of our more picky eats decided on her own to try cucumbers and salad.  SHE ATE IT. She didn’t eat all of it but she did try the food and said she liked it.  Today it was the baked eggs. She is so proud.   ” Look ! I am eating it !”   Sometimes things may seem haphazard but most every thing we do it with intention and to help.  WOOT ! For kids trying new ( to them ) healthy foods.


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