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I Had a Little Turtle

Published on January 24, 2017 under Pets

I had a little turtle

I named him Tiny Tim

I put him in the bathtub

To see if he could swim

He drank up all the water

He ate a bar of soap

Now he’s in his bed

With bubbles in his throat.

Today we read a story about a box turtle.

Some things we learned while reading are story are :

Turtles lay eggs like chickens . ( Grayson .  ” I had NO IDEA turtles lay eggs. I can’t WAIT to tell my mom. “)

A turtles shell protects them from predators.

Turtles have patterns on their shell.

Turtles dig holes to lay their eggs.

After reading our story we drew turtles.  This was guided drawing.  There is nothing wrong with teaching children HOW to create art as long as they are given the freedom to make it look the way they see it in their minds eye.    Together step by step we drew turtles and I am quite proud of their end product. Each turtle is unique and wonderful. I use basic shapes ( which reinforces shape recognition .  Draw a large oval. )  I do one part and then they do it – following my demonstration. An activity like this  reinforces shape vocabulary, elements of art, fine motor development and spatial relationships . We also added math as we talked about how many legs a turtle has and color recognition as we searched for a green crayon to fill in our turtle.  Khloe ” This is a light green  and you have a dark green. ”

Oh yeah.. today was a great time to pay special attention to our real turtle shell from the art center.

Of course there were other activities going on at the same time .  Can you put the letters in order to spell turtle ?


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