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Published on December 8, 2016 under Christmas

Today we took a closer look at reindeer.  We watched a little video feed of some real live reindeer .


img_5314 I asked questions like :

What other animal do they look like ?

I thought they looked a lot like a cow in the face.

None of these reindeer are flying . Do they ALL fly ?  How ?

Do you see one with a red nose ?  I wonder where the red nosed reindeer are kept  ?

Just to see the wonder in their eyes is so enjoyable.

We compared the reindeer’s antlers in the video to the real antlers we have in our classroom this week.


Do you think these antlers came off a REINDEER ?????  🙂

We started a little reindeer craft that will get finished tomorrow.


Some of us put Christmas trees in numerical order

img_5315and others learned to write HO  HO HO !



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