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Oh Christmas Tree

Published on December 7, 2016 under Christmas

Today we practiced our cutting skills by cutting out a Christmas tree.   You will notice by the picture that some well.. just don’t look like a Christmas tree and that’s ok.   The more we use the scissors the better we will get at it.  The only direction I give them is to try to place their thumb on the top and always hold the scissors facing out from their body.  I didn’t hear one child say ” Yours doesn’t look like a tree” or ” you messed up. ”  The process is what we are working on and not the final product.  Of course after cutting the children used markers to decorate .


We also practiced our Christmas program songs today. Hint –  They are all about Christmas trees !


I was with my niece the other night and she mentioned that every time she goes in her son’s preschool room the lights were out and that bothered her.  I explained that many places are reggio inspired and prefer not to use over head lights and instead use twinkling light or soft individual lighting.  It occurred to me that we have never had this discussion and you may be wondering the same thing.  Randy is still not used to this method and you will notice if he comes downstairs many times he will flick on the lights.

Reggio inspired classrooms utilize natural light as often as possible.  When natural light is not available or doesn’t fill the room reggio teachers prefer low lighting like table lamps . Low lighting promotes a more cozy atmosphere like a home and produces a more calm feeling in the room.   Most of us have over head lighting in most rooms   .  At night do you leave the over head light on or do you turn on lamps ? Sometimes you will see twinkle lights ( like in our rooms ) and those are mainly placed to add wonder of whimsy to the child’s day. Do you remember being a child and when your parents plugged in the Christmas tree it seemed magical ? We like to promote that feeling all year.


I say all that to say

Our lighting  isn’t low to save energy ( though that’s not a bad idea. )

Our lighting isn’t low as a signal to the children they must be quiet ( though I have heard of teachers using the lights out voices off rule . )

Our lighting isn’t low to hide dirt ( though hopefully that’s a bonus ! )

Our low lighting is an intentional and we love it and the kids love it.


( We also finished up Santa letters and this months self portraits for the kiddos that have been out . )


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