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Oops ….

Published on December 6, 2016 under Christmas

We teach the kids to say ” I had an oops. I will try again tomorrow. ” Today I am the one that had an oops and will need to try again tomorrow.

At 8 AM my phone rang and after that the day went to hell in a hand basket.  ( What exactly does that mean anyway?)    The 8 AM call was from the state. They had called Friday afternoon asking my help in a survey for a project they are working on.  I have had problems opening it on my MAC so we are trying a different direction .  It opened and worked. They needed it Monday.  Today is… Tuesday.

While the kids ate breakfast, played with shaving cream on the tables and Mr Randy told them stories I completed the survey ( with Dallas’ help because I am useless on anything non- MAC these days. )  37 pages of survey questions later ….


In the meanwhile :

A colleague texted and needed a number for someone in Little Rock.

I have a meeting tonight.

Another colleague called needing to know what to put on our professional registry for the next months meeting.

Yet another called and couldn’t find tonight’s meeting on the registry .

Do you get what I am saying here ?

I was with the kids all day but not really  ” with ” the kids.

Believe me… they KNOW when  that happens and the bouncing off walls begins.

Normally I do a pretty good job of separating my other duties from my preschool / children come first duties. Today… I failed.

Natural consequences happen.  As little things began to unravel all around me I was able to stop and take a breath and say ” It was me… I take responsibility for this chaos.  Oops. Ill try again tomorrow kids. ”  🙁

We did get some of the ” learning objectives ” I had planned covered in spite of everything.

We did a cool science experiment with water and a candy cane .


We also did a math activity  using words like shorter, taller and  tallest . We estimated how many legos it would take to be as tall as  the nutcracker and then counted when we were finished.   The kids LOVED my beautiful crystal nutcracker.


Until tomorrow….


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