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Super Heroes Think Of Others

Published on October 25, 2016 under super heroes

A few of our super heroes were out today for various reasons.   The ” buzz” was lower than normal but we were able to make some great observations and see validation of things that we know to be true.   Children must have extended periods of uninterrupted play .


“When  children’s days are parcelled up into short blocks of time without opportunities for extended play, learning is likely to be superficial. When, on the other hand, they are given extended blocks of time in which to play, and have opportunities to return
to what they were working on and continue it, then learning is likely to be deeper

and more complex. Such extended learning experiences not only engage children in meaningful and absorbing play, but also promote higher level thinking as children recall and make connections to what has been done previously, plan ahead, and review and evaluate their thinking along the way. Typically, this process involves working with others and so the provision of ongoing and extended learning experiences is also an important way to support children to ‘work with, learn from and help others through collaborative learning opportunities’ (NQS Element 5.2.1) (ACECQA, 2011, p. 136). “


Today we saw some really great deep thinking happening as the children used the large loose parts on the play ground to build boats and buses and used critical thinking skills to figure out how to make the parts stay and what else they needed to complete the ” story ” they were acting out.  It took a while for them to settle down into this type of play.  It’s that time as a teacher that you say ….. it works.  Just like the text books says.. it works.

We also read a story called  ZERO THE HERO!   We talked about the value of zero.  Sometimes that is a really hard concept for children to grasp.

We pretended we were super heroes crossing the lagoon and trying not to get eaten by the crocodiles.


We talked about keeping fit as super heroes and did the Superman !


And lastly today we talked about how Super Heroes think about others.  We notice that there are others around us almost all the time and the things we do and say will affect them.


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