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Super Heroes Care How Others Feel

Published on October 26, 2016 under super heroes

Today we talked about two different traits that can be found in super heroes !  One of the traits was that a super hero cares how other feel.   One of the most important things we do at Bright Beginnings is work intentionally to create family.  We want this group of 16 little ones to go to school knowing that there are other littles from Bright Beginnings that are there to wish them well .


Let’s skip a beat a moment.


I lost my mom many years ago and there are still times I need to talk to her. She didn’t work out my problems for me.  She didn’t try to ” fix ” them but she was my mom.  Just being around her and talking to her or sitting and crying for a bit made whatever my problem was feel more  under control.  I miss her so.  Today a professional friend that I have known for 20 years came by.  She is always full of wisdom and I have looked to her over the years for sound personal and professional advice.  She knows the added responsibilities and disappointments I have had lately.  She walked in the door today and handed me flowers without saying a word. I immediately teared up . She didn’t have to say anything.  It was like my mom being there and saying ” Its gonna be ok… you can handle this. ”  Just seeing her brought  me relief and a sense of family. When you are family, words are not important .  Sometimes just a hug or knowing someone is close and understands is all that is needed. She is part of my professional family and a dear friend.  Years ago she began building an intentional family of child care providers.


Back to our day :

How do we create a sense of family with all these little wiggle worms ?  We help them think about ” how others feel.”  One of our friends came in with a new eye patch today .  During family time we talked about how Alan might feel and we wished him well.  We also went a step further and offered to let anyone be an eye patch buddy with Alan that wanted help him .  A few of our friends decided they wanted to see what it might feel like to navigate the playground with an eye patch.  What wonderful friends.


Creating family…. caring how others feel. It’s important . It takes a super hero !




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