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Published on June 6, 2016 under Winter

This morning was one of those ” my heart is full ” times when you just know life is good and what you are doing is making a difference.  As the children came back in this morning after three weeks off they were  excited to see me and their friends.   All I could think was ” Yes, this is a preschool family. ”  The littles were also excited to pick a new cubby and make their own name tags for them.




It is important to hydrate in the summer so we started our first day with a

water bottle decorating session . I got these cool water bottles from IKEA and

the kids love them.  We pack them everywhere we go and I fill them at night so the water is cold.





Monday’s are designated as Make It Monday ! Each Monday we will make something.

Most of our ” crafts ” will be theme related.  We are doing camping this

week so we make home made lanterns.  So cute and the kids love them ! IMG_7388

Our water bottles again !


When the kids got outside they started noticing some changes on their playground.  Leave a playground for three weeks and animals get comfy and plants pop up out of no where.  They noticed something swimming in the sand box. Is it tadpoles ?    Ms Dallas did a little research with them and found out it was mosquito larvae.  YIKES ! ! No worries.  Ive already googled how to get rid of the larvae and it will be vanished by morning .  IMG_7399

The littles made a poster about what they wanted to ” learn ” or ” do ” outside.

 Kat, Rani’s older sister going into 2nd grade helped do the writing.  IMG_7394


Look what I found !! 

It was a good first day back.


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