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Published on May 16, 2016 under Winter

Sometimes you just have to be here to appreciate what goes on or what is said . Child 1 – Are you a doctor ? Child 2 ( not Kilee ) No, I am a vegetarian. 🙂 Me- Kilee , why do you have a camera in your pocket ? Does a veterinarian use that in his work ? Kilee – Yes, he uses it to take pictures of bones to see if they are broken. Its an X-ray thingy. ” Kids are so smart.

Today we mostly played and enjoyed our materials.  We did art that can grace our walls over the summer  .  We ended our time together with a sing a long on the carpet .  I took our IPOD and looked at the list it generates called ” Most played ” and we did a few songs.  We did everything from S- A- N-T- A to What Does the Fox Say ? We ended with Jewels version on  ” Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and I almost teared up.


Its been a good year .

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