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We Found The Gold !

Published on March 17, 2016 under St Patricks Day
We Found The Gold !

What a busy hectic wonderful day at Bright Beginnings .    The thing about high excitement days are they are high in  emotions.  It can be exhausting helping children navigate all the feelings that come their way on a day like today. They are excited !!  Candy ! Leprechauns  !          Leprechauns ?    Maybe there is a little fear or anxiety . Are leprechauns REAL ?  Our stuff is all messed up . Who did that ? Oh man, the milk was turned green and that makes me feel excited but sad at the same time . Does it taste the same ?   Lets walk ! I LOVE WALKS!  but ….. my FEET ARE SO TIRED !   There’s the GOLD . There’s the GOLD !  There’s the GOLD !  Wait….. my friends are getting more GOLD than I am.  Deep breaths.. we can handle this.


Do you get a drift of how our day was.  There were many highs and lows but we all made it. We all grew in learning to control our big emotions and we made great memories.  That rascally leprechaun escaped each time we got close. ‘


As we came in the excitement mounted as we found mischief all over our play rooms.  That crazy leprechaun had even changed the light bulbs to green and there was green water in the toilet.

IMG_4528 IMG_4525 IMG_4509 IMG_4508 IMG_4507 IMG_4505 IMG_4504 IMG_4502


First we visited places all over town that had clues for us. We visited the new library, Allen canning, Siloam Flowers, KLRC, Arvest  and Savvy Salon .  With each stop we had to listen carefully and decide where that crazy leprechaun wanted us to go.  Eventually we found his gold under a tree near the old library .

IMG_4531 IMG_4533 IMG_4541 IMG_4575 IMG_4576 IMG_4536 IMG_4566

Along the way we saw clues that had us all thinking we were going the right way.

IMG_4532 IMG_4582We finally found the GOLD hear a tree with a yellow ribbon tied around it.  It was a wonderful surprise and so much ” GOLD” for each person.

IMG_4557IMG_4547We came home to eat a green lunch with a pot of gold ( pineapple jello )

IMG_4572After we wake up from our nap  ( which should be amazing after such a long walk ) we will celebrate some more with a rainbow cupcake, green grapes and gold oreos .


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