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Magic or Math

Published on March 18, 2016 under Winter
Magic or Math

is it magic or math ? During small groups today I reminded them how people say a leprechaun has ” magic.” I did a little magic myself. I would put green tokens on the tray and then have the children count them. I would cover them up and say ” Abracadabra ” and have the children guess how many are still on the tray. Obviously the number stays the same . The purpose of this fun activity was introducing the terms add and take away. A little early math fun done with the magic of a leprechaun.


We did a little spring cleaning today and we found a few have a real talent for cleaning and the like it !


Parker took everything off these shelves and cleaned the shelves and reorganized the materials. Who needs matching or sorting worksheets when we do it in our practical life. This was amazing. She did such a great job. She stayed on this task uninterrupted or without instruction for over 20 minutes. Wow. Way to go Parker.


We haven’t journaled in a while. Today we saw lots of rainbows .


Amazing ! Science ! Color Mixing !


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