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The Grand Opening

Published on March 22, 2016 under creating wonder
The Grand Opening

One of the pictures is a little blurry but we will let that represent  excitement.  The children were excited . We were excited !

Dallas and I were talking about the things I noticed in the classrooms I visited yesterday.   We were mainly talking about aesthetics.  It is common I think to observe a space as a teacher and compare yourself to what you think it looks like or what you do in your own classroom.  I loved the spaces I was in yesterday.  There was a calmness in the way it looked and the way the children lived in those spaces.


As we talked and observed our own children I did notice something that happens in our home that I didn’t notice there. (  In all fairness to their fabulous teachers  I was in each room maybe ten minutes so I just saw bits and pieces of their day. )   We have a large community.  Our kids rarely play alone and they seem to gather in herds .  There is much talk and guided collaboration that goes on during our time together.   Here is an example from today.


Two of the children were playing in the art center. They had green crepe paper and they were streaming it around poles and literally any piece that was sticking out enough to be wrapped.  It was quite a tangle of ribbons and crepe paper. They said they were having a party.  After they had it all decorated one of them left to get the other children. They all came down excited.   There was chatter everywhere.  Dallas and I just smiled.  ( Its a nice feeling when you feel that family spirit in your classroom. )  Quickly I noticed scissors had left the art center and they were being waved around the large group of children.  GULP .  ” Everyone take a deep breath, I feel that you are not safe with all the excitement and the scissors. ”  They agreed BUT- ” Ms Debbie, the scissors are for cutting the ribbon to let the people in. ”


Ah….. Do you remember where we were a few weeks ago and there was a  ribbon and scissors ?

The children are using their past experience at the library to create new fun and imaginative play.   Yes, these are the days as a teacher you sit back and smile and think.. job well done.  If children are not outside  the walls of our home they miss so much. Thankful for our small town and your ever so smart children.

IMG_4915 IMG_4916 IMG_4917


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