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Some Foods Change When Cooked

Published on January 21, 2016 under Uncategorized
Some Foods Change When Cooked

Today our PLAN was to cut up fruit and make a fruit salad. We even sang that irritating Wiggles song this morning to get hyped up.  Upon going to the kitchen to gather the fruits I found that all the fruits I had were too hard for for kids to cut with safety knives.   As we have to do many times in preschool we made a new plan.

We took the papaya and talked about the outside texture. We guessed what color the inside might be.   Then we cut it.  Inside we found many tiny black seeds and red flesh.   The children washed their hands and took a piece of the papaya to taste.  For the most part, this was the reaction.

This is not really considered a cooking experience.  It is more like a Rachel Ray show  Ill do all the work and you sit and listen and then take a bite.  🙁

We also talked about how some foods ” change ” after cooking.  We looked at noodles, eggs and popcorn kernels.  We cooked all of these but of course their favorite was :


And we did a little art representing our favorite foods.



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