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Busy But Wonderful

Published on January 20, 2016 under Uncategorized
Busy But Wonderful

Today was a busy day.  But it was a wonderful busy day.    Maybe because it started with ” We Will Rock You”  Blaring as the kiddos came in and we started family time.  Maybe it is because for some reason we all just connected to each other better.  Every day is good. Today was excellent.


Every day as part of our ” family time ” we do the pledge of allegiance.  We start by putting our right hand over our heart.  One trick we teach the kids is .. hold your hands up like ” this ( see picture ) ” One side makes an L  and the other doesnt. The L stands for Left so the other hand must be your right.


As the children ate breakfast I read the book

Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but…Invisible Germs


The kids loved it. It is about a little girl names Rosa.   Everywhere she goes little germs jump on her hands .  The germs had names like the throw up germ or the headache germ.   Rosa washes those mean, nasty, downright disgusting invisible germs down the sink but one hangs on — he like wet places. So she has to dry them very very well to get rid of that germ .

We have had a lot of germs lately.

These are the times at school we always try to remember to wash our hands .

When we come in from outside – even coming in from home in the mornings.

Before we eat .

After we go potty.

After we blow our nose.

After we pick our nose.

If you enforce these at home like we do at school what a wonderful germ free (  or less germs ) preschool family we will have .  Lets all work together.

We also did an experiment with glitter.  We put glitter on a few of the kiddos hands.   They shook hands with their friends and guess what happened . They passed their germs.


We had Gabriel touch a paint pot and guess what !!!??? He left glitter germs on that too. Then Ms Dallas picked it up and she got the same germs !  Germs spread easy.


Ms Debbie even put glitter in her palm and showed the kids how sneezing spreads germs.  The glitter went every where all over my friends.  We can stop that by sneezing in our elbow or in our shirt.


Since we talked about potty germs we had to read one of the kids favorite books ” Everyone Poops.”


While we read there was a picture of a whale and it said whales poop.  We wondered what that might look like.  Would it be HUGE? So.. yes.. we googled it and watched a video.  Yuk.


We did a taste test on milk.  We had strawberry , white and chocolate milk.  Sound easy enough , right ? Until you realize you have kids on three different types of milk too.   We graphed our results focusing on words like least and fewer.  Kids seem to have the concept of ” more ” and ” most ” down so as we compare and chart I have been using least and fewer more often.


Canyon found a toy koala and asked me where I got it. I explained I got it from Australia.  Then..we had to find Australia on the globe.

During lunch we tasted 5 yummy vegetables.  We had broccoli. cauliflower, bell pepper and carrots.  Who liked what ?


As you can see.. it was a busy day.  Kids will almost teach themselves if you just slow down and engage with them.

Love.  My.  Job.



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