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Published on November 9, 2015 under Uncategorized

Everyone in the world wears clothing to cover and protect the body and/or to decorate and call attention to it. Clothing is very much a part of the child’s world. Children call attention to their own clothing, especially when they are wearing something new. They also notice the clothing of others.

Through a topic of study about clothing, there are many ideas and activities that children can explore and many concepts about clothing they can begin to understand.

Here are three big ideas about clothing we will  help children explore:

  •   We wear clothing to cover and protect our body.
  •   People wear certain types of clothing at different times such as seasons, jobs, places they are going, and activities in which they are participating.
  •   Clothing items have names.


    We started our morning by charting what we know about clothing .  Some of the answers were :

    When you buy it there are tags on it.

    If it gets dirty you have to wash it.

    Shirts, pants, shoes

    It can come on a hanger.

    Sometimes we like to change up our dramatic play area to scaffold what the children are learning in other areas.  We decided to turn part of our room into a shoe store. We needed a name.  Each table at breakfast had a captain and they canvased their friends and together decided what name their group would present as a shoe store name option.  Then we voted.

    Rainbow shoe store won the vote and some of our friends decorated the sign that we hung in our new school shoe store. Thinking ahead over the weekend I had bought some new cool shoes to make up our store.  It is almost ready to open.

    Of course we need an open sign.


    And a cash register.



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