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Clothing Jackpot !

Published on November 10, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today the room had a calm buzz as the children found and experimented with all the new materials I found yesterday to go with our unit.

There was a baby doll with clothes for dressing and undressing.  Lots of things can be learned while doing this type of activity.  BUTTONS!


Speaking of buttons we read ” Pete The Cat and His Groovy Buttons ” Here is a video of it if you would like to read it with your little at home.  I read it downstairs  and upstairs they experimented with technology and listened to the book on CD.


There was an area for sorting summer and winter clothing .  What clothes are appropriate or best to wear when it is cold  ? If you wear a sleeveless shirt and flip flops during the winter what might happen ?


Art with shoe prints !

There was an area to hang up clothes .   I listened as Rani was taking the clothing off the line and she said ” Fold Fold Fold and Put Away. ”  When I was a child my mom used a clothes line a lot .  That was a part of my growing up.  I remember the feel and the smell of towels that were hung in the sun to dry.

Speaking of ” old times.” I introduced the kiddos to an old wash board today.  Aren’t we happy washers were invented ? The kids had a blast washing clothes on the wash board, rinsing and hanging them to dry on a line outside.

There is a book called ” Caps for Sale.” Today that book was on the table for reading and small hats.  It was funny to look over and see my friends stacking that hats on their head like the man in the book did .

And last but not least.. we had fabric where the children could design their own clothing.  Lots of fancy going on here !



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