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Shubert Sees the Best

Published on September 2, 2015 under Uncategorized


Life is hard.

Sometimes people are mean.

Today we read ” Shubert Sees the Best ,”

Name-calling is the focus in this helpful book.  Shubert, Crenshaw and Mrs. Bookbinder transform hurtful situations into helpful interactions.

Mrs. Bookbinder creatively responds in a way that teaches empathy, critical thinking and responsibility. This addition to the Shubert series helps children see hurtful behavior from a different point of view, transforming hurtful situations—“He’s mean!”—into helpful interactions We learned to look through the eyes of love and good intentions.


This conscious discipline skills teaches us to always look  with the eyes of love .  When using the power of good intentions we take on situations more calmly and can help.  Ex: A child gets in the cabinet and spills all the cereal. It would be easy and most of us would get upset and scold the child when in reality they were just hungry.  Yes, they should have waited but …. they didnt .   We cant change that .  So with the power of good intention you STOP and STAR .  ” You were hungry.   You wanted cereal.  You didnt think to come get me.  Help me clean it up. The next time you will need to wait.  Can I help you get something to eat  ?”

I know you think every day here is suzy sunshine but it isnt.  Things happen. We deal with it and adjust.  We are seeing a few of the behaviors ( impulse hitting ) pop back up .  Mind you .. not anything like it was last school year.   Here is how you can help me with your child by teaching them to use the skill of good intentions.  They say a child hits them.  You can reply ” Hitting hurts. Are you ok ?  Your friend……. hasnt learned yet to use his words when he doesnt agree with you.  Tell him… It hurts when you hit me. You may not hit me.  If you want……. just ask and if I am through playing with it I will give you a turn. ”  I am not a tattle teller unless things progress to a point that I need parental help.  Tattling isnt helpful.  We are working through the struggles we have   . Its hard if your child is on the receiving end of a child hitting.  Remember two things…. no one is perfect and your child may be the one that hits one day and Its our job teach children not to hit and the other child how to use his big voice. We are doing all of these things.  Please dont think that means there are no consequences for hitting because there are.  Ex:  If a child is playing in the block center and having a hard time getting along we might say ” You may not hit your friends. If you continue to hit you will need to leave the blocks .”  We TRY to keep our consequences relevant to the moment.  We use time out sparingly but it is used as a last resort.

Accidents will happen when you use loose parts. We initiate guidelines of how to use them but still there are risks.  There are minor risks compared the the learning that takes place.  I hope you have seen the videos I posted on Facebook of our PVC creations !



We used water colors to decorate our name.

One more assessment today. Blah Blah Blah !  I found a much more fun way to assess the letter section.  🙂


“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

We practiced recognizing our names today by racing outside to find them. The kids loved it.

One of our benchmarks we look for is ” understand how technology affects our life. ” Well.. we had to.

It was a great day .  Life is good at Bright Beginnings.


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