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Published on September 1, 2015 under Uncategorized


Today in circle time we mixed things up a little .  I gave the kids the WRONG names and they had to find their friends.  A child’s name is important to him but his friends names rank pretty high too.   You will hear them say things like ” that is a K like in Kilee’s name ” or ” that is a W like in William’s name.”  Another way you can bring literacy that is meaningful into your child’s life at home is when they see a letter ask them do any of their friends names start with that letter.


We read more about our friend ( Conscious discipline mascot ) Shubert today.  We read ” Shuberts Helpful Day.  ”


Shubert, a lightning bug, decides he will be helpful today, no matter what! As he enters his classroom, he finds Lucinda throwing down her backpack and kicking Etta. Find out how Shubert and his classmates help Lucinda uncover her real problem and find a solution. Mrs. Bookbinder, the teacher, models ways for adults to view misbehavior as a “call for help” rather than an act of meanness. Find out how she builds a school family where all class members feel valued and safe enough to help turn hurtful situations into helpful communication skills.Introduce


This one is hard.  It takes the adult and the children stopping and saying ” They are not WANTING to hurt someone they are needing our help. ” There is a skill they have not learned yet such as asking how to join another child in play.   The only way we can be successful in helping is to STOP and  STAR.


Take a deep breath








Today my PLAN was to make a star to decorate but that didnt happen . MAYBE tomorrow ~   Ms Dallas is still out with Rani. She is coughing and has a touch of a virus.  The good news is this came up over the weekend so we were not exposed to the symptoms.  We are hopeful she will  return on Thursday.


In the book Mrs. Bookbinder ( the teacher ) also used a wish you well basket.  In the basket were items of comfort.  We have one of those too.  We have lotions.  We have cranky cream. We have boo boo cream. We have calm down cream and we have sweet dreams cream.   Its pretty obvious what they each are for.  The idea behind the creams is the personal touch. The creams arent magic. They are actually all three the same safe for kids lotion . I have seen this work .  As you rub the lotion into the child’s hand and massage you use can sing the wish you well song or this is one of the favorites. ” Bye Bye Crankies.  Bye Bye Crankies. Bye Bye Crankies.  Its time to say goodbye. ”  You can do this at home too. They cant read yet . 🙂  Just pick a lotion and rub away.

I did MORE of the neverending assessments  . Today we did shape sorting another concept area.  ALMOST done !!!


if you must do an assessment it might as well be in a princess dress, right ?


We also did the rhyming section of the assessments today. We dont really TEACH rhyming to our kiddos. We expose them to rhyming all the time through books and silly rhyming poems.  Being able to rhyme is a reading readiness skill  !


Sometimes I am amazed at the drawings the kiddos make in their journals. This is one Makenzie did of  she and her dad.   She said ” This is my dad with the glasses and this is me. We are going outside to play. See the sun ? ”

Did you see the rice I dyed over the weekend ?  Today I found a tub for it and placed the kids names in their tub with the colored rice and pieces with names and magnets on it.  The kids would use a magnetic wand and fish for their name .  Simon pulled out each name and told me who’s name it was.


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