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Published on September 24, 2015 under Uncategorized

I am ANGRY but I can STAR.


Today we read another conscious discipline book about Shubert. He was angry all day. He was BUG CRAZY MAD. His teacher taught him three ways to calm down. 1.  Drain.    2.   Ballooon  and finally the STAR.    In Shuberts classroom he was encouraged to go to his safe spot ( calm down center ) and use one of the techniques.  As we read I realized that we talk about the calm down spot and we encourage the children to use it but we have never TAUGHT them one on one what to do when they get in there.  Sometimes it’s easy to slip into just using it as another time out piece.  That is not the purpose.  So, we took the time to teach …..

After reading another book called “GOLDIE IS ANGRY ” we talked about the STAR technique and we decorated a star.  ( When you see it , dont judge. I freehanded it. 🙂

And the artist at the easel today… wow.



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