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F is for Fire

Published on September 28, 2015 under Uncategorized

This week we are talking about fire safety.  We will learn important things like how to stay low and go when our room might be filled with smoke.

Outside we read a book called ” Emergency Rescue” about small letters of the alphabet that rescues the larger ( capital ) letters when their engine broke down. We follow this up by finding F’s on the side walk  and  squirting water on them.

Inside we had already talked about the letter F and FIRE.    The kids decorated a letter F with torn pieces of red, yellow and orange paper. Tearing is great fine motor work to get us ready for proper pencil grip.


What is exciting is doing something  and then having the children show you they listened ! Do you see Makenzie’s F ?

We also mixed red and yellow paint to see what  would happen.  ORANGE !

There were many new toys out today. This is where I get on my soapbox.  I asked for parent volunteers to help set up the fire station.  Dallas and Holly were the only ones that stepped up.  We do a LOT of extra stuff that isnt expected and required for a preschool day.   For the most part, I put all of this together myself.    I usually work 4-6 hours every afternoon after 3 pm with paperwork , trainings and getting things ready for the next day. No, I don’t have to do all the extra stuff but don’t you want your child to make wonderful preschool memories instead of just hang out with the same toys and never changing environment.  We can read about fire safety or we can turn our dress up room into a fire station and become fire fighters.   For the cost of zero dollars you are receiving top notch quality preschool and a couple teachers that throw their heart into everything we do.  If you have a day off come spend a couple hours here. See what happens with the kids. Be part of our preschool family.  If you can’t visit during the week then keep your ears open for other time you can help out.  It takes a village.  I told you at the parent meeting I expect parents to be involved.  Please don’t wait until your child gets to kindergarten to decide to get involved.   The most important time in the development of a child’s brain is birth to five years old.  That is here. That is now.  Come read. Come play.  If you love us like you say you do and you appreciate having your child at Bright Beginnings then be part of our family and not just a bystander .










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