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Foodie Friday

Published on September 11, 2015 under Uncategorized

As you grow as a teacher sometimes there are DUH moments.  I had one of those this morning .  As a quality facility it is our intention to have food / cooking experiences once a week. I don’t usually do the little cutesy food projects like making a bus  out of crackers but I usually plan something theme based. SInce we are  talking about our body this week I decided to do thumb print cookies.  YIKES ! I was out of eggs !  So… why not have the kids just help make lunch ?  DUH.  Why had I never thought of this….

Cooking helps preschoolers build some foundation skills . Since it is always done with an adult that relationship is strengthened too !


How Cooking Can Help Preschoolers

Bringing kids into the kitchen can benefit them in a number of ways. Cooking can help:

  • Math – This is as simple as counting eggs or filling a glass half full .   As you read the recipe important literacy skills are introduced. 
  • Try new foods !   Your child is more likely to try foods that are new if they help cook them. 
  • Sensory explosion – While in the kitchen there are many noises to hear , foods to taste, surfaces to touch ( Careful , thats hot ! ) , spices to smell ( or baked goods )  and things to see.  
  • Confidence that only joy can bring as they work along side a mom or dad or grandparent. 
So , today the kids helped make their submarine sandwiches.  


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