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Too Much Glue

Published on August 21, 2015 under Uncategorized

One thing I am doing this year to help us be more successful is to teach daily routines instead of assuming we know them. Yesterday we talked about scissor safety and  today we did glue !   Glue is so much fun.  The kids love it.  They love to glue things together just for the sake of glueing.   They will pile 25 small pieces of paper together and call it a book !

Today we read  the book ”  Too much glue.”

From Flashlight Website  :  
Too Much Glue
Written by Jason Lefebvre
Illustrated by Zac Retz
Matty LOVES glue. At home with Dad, he makes glue glasses, glue mustaches, and glue
bouncy balls. But at school, Matty’s art teacher worries and warns, “Too much glue never
dries.”In art class one day, Matty decides to make the most fantastic glue project ever, with a super-
special ingredient – himself! Ignoring his teacher’s warnings, Matty belly-flops onto the glue-
covered table, rolls all around in the sequins and glitter, and encounters an unexpected glitch –
when he tries to get up, he boings right back into the slippery, sticky mess!

This calls for a dose of imagination and a little help from friends. They try a gigantic tow truck,
some yarn lassoes, and dabbing Matty with everything in the nurse’s bag – but each wacky
attempt only makes things worse! Finally Matty gets an idea from his hyperventilating teacher.
Will it work, or will Matty be a half-boy, half-art project stuck- to-a-table forever?

This was a great book to initiate conversation with the kiddos about how to use glue and how much is appropriate.   We talked about using rain drops and not puddles.   We had a practice sheet that had dots for us to put rain drops of glue on.
After getting a little practice we did our on version of ” matty” from the book.
Day by day we are learning new routines that help our school family get along and self regulate. One of our routines is the ” wish you well board.”   That is what we call the board we take our names off of in the morning for our question of the day.   If someone’s name is left ( they are not at school ) we put our hand over our heart and wish them well.  This is part of creating a school family.
 Today we learned our first calm down technique.  We learned to do the balloon. Here’s a video to demonstrate. This technique can be used when a child is having a tough time gaining control of their emotions .

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Can I just say what an amazing and wonderful week we have had ? I fully expect next week to be twice as good ! 🙂  Have a great weekend.



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