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My Name is Johari

Published on August 24, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today we started our regular days.  We tried our best to stick to our daily schedule and we almost nailed it !

We read the book called ” My name is Johari .” It is a book about a little girl who was so proud of her name until she came to school and her new friends laughed at her.   This is a great book to start our ” I am Unique ” unit .  After reading the book we played a game called ” Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee… wont you say your name for me !”


We did a section of the Dial Three ( assessments ) where I asked them their name, age, if they were a boy or a girl and when their birthday was. I got a lot of ” it just passed ” or ” tomorrow’s” and thats ok. We have bigger hills to climb like learning how to get along and put on our shoes.  Speaking of !!! We are doing a STELLAR job.  God must have heard my prayer after a pretty tough year last year because so far…. Ive got a room full of sweeties.   Another part of the Dial Three that we did today was drawing a self portrait and writing their name.


This is NOT a test. It is just a required assessment and gives me a baseline of where each child is and what they need help on.


We  put together name puzzles.

We painted outside.


We built very complex block structures.  WOW !


We played with tools.

But most of all… we played together and we are doing a great job of building our preschool family.


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