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Do Pirates Fish with Worms

Published on May 12, 2015 under Uncategorized

I dont know if pirates fish with worms but if they do…. these guys will make great pirates.  Our group is loving finding worms right now.    The girls are actually enjoying the hunt more than the boys are .


We did pirate self portraits today.  AHOY MATEY !


” Our ” house is almost completed !   This week the are adding stone around the bottom of the house.  It has been a real joy to watch the house being built from the foundation up with kids.   Can I tell you how much I wish I knew who bought it and they would kindly call me one day and say ” Hey, I know you have watched my house being built . Would you like to tour it with your kids ?”  Yeah.. I know.  Its not going to happen.


We practiced our program . I hope everyone is making plans to attend our pirate program Monday night at 7 PM at River side fireworks.  The wee little pirates are doing a great job.  It will last oh…. 15 minutes !  Randy and I even tried on our pirate costumes for the kids today.  It will be a fun night .


This always happens this time of year. My hard drive is full and I cant upload pictures right now . Tonight I will try to clean some pics off so we will have them in our blog the rest of the week.  Otherwise, you know you can find them on facebook.


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