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Reduce, Reuse

Published on April 23, 2015 under Uncategorized

We are still talking about ways to leave our earth better than we found it.























Today we watched a two minute video that talked about how we can save energy and recycle normal every day things. We found out that people throw away the same weight of 70 cars in carryout bags like walmart bags.

We went through some trash to look for recycle symbols and talked about ways to reuse the items.























I have them pretty pumped about ” going green” but maybe a little too far. Today Kilee was drawing on a piece of paper and when she was finished she handed it to me and said ” here Ms Debbie, you can recycle this.  I am done. ”   🙂


Living in a neighborhood affords us that ability to see many things that we can learn from.  Today we saw another large machine working.



We ate chips.  We ate chips so I could do a recycle project with them and shrink the bags to make necklaces.  It didnt work.  Pinterest fail…. Oh well, the enjoyed the chips !






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