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Earth Day

Published on April 22, 2015 under Uncategorized

Our intention today was to take a walk ( to the park ) and pick up trash in celebration of Earth Day.   Well, it was pretty chilly outside so we shortened our walk to around the block.





















We picked up small pieces of trash and put it in a clear bottle.  I filled it with water. We are going to see what happens to the trash in the water bottle.






















There was lots of Earth free art going on today.





























































We had earth day birthday pancakes today for Bentley’s birthday !




Just another example of how we can use journal writing to measure growth.  This is a  three year olds journal. The picture on the left is from a few months ago. The picture on the right is today.  Looking at the picture on the right you can see where the child is ready to start forming letters. We no longer just have spiral drawings we have lines !  Fine motor skills come when they are ready.  We do things here to strengthen the muscles to be able to write but the ability to control a pencil or drawing utensil comes in its own time.



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