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Today was ok !

Published on February 19, 2015 under Uncategorized

My phone dings and zings all day and all night . Emails here, notifications there, alarms and reminders here and text there. Then there is that one text that comes in that makes you say ” well now.. thats gonna change my day.  ” Today Ms Dallas called in.  Her daughter was sick and needed her. That is why we do what we do , right ?  So we can put our family first. That is what started my career in family childcare .  I am glad that I can give Ms Dallas that opportunity to be a mom to her girls when they need her.  This rarely ever happens so when it does we take a deep breath and say ” We’ve got this.  ” Before Dallas came along Randy and I did it alone all the time.  We are still legal and in ratio with 1:8 . Having Ms Dallas here just makes it a lot easier and less chaotic.






















We played, we did circle time and read a book called ”  I Love you Stinky Face.”  Children many times think that our love is based on their behavior.  Even when your child is making bad choices make sure you correct in a way that they understand that you still love them.  Unconditional love is a gift that we take for granted.

We colored. We did journals. We did our self portrait for the month.  We ate a yummy lunch.  We still had time to fill.

Luckily your child attends somewhere that turning on a cartoon is a VERY last option.  We have skills. The KIDDOS had a sing a long concert and story time in the living room.





















We survived.  Did we miss Dallas ? Yes ! But can we still do it on our own ? Yes !  Is it nap time yet ?


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