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Wrapping up the Love

Published on February 20, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today is the last day of our Valentines unit.  As almost every other theme has  gone this year, I started with one full rubbermaid full of materials and ended with two.  Preschool hoarder I am….


Today we played a patterning game. It was a little tough for some of the kiddos so those that struggled just matched the objects on their card.


We also got a little fine motor work on by putting stickers on our initials.





In circle time we charted ” What We Love… ”



The day started with Gabriel’s birthday.  He is four today.   If you didnt read that part of our handbook I will remind you what we do and how we celebrate.  At family time the child sits in the celebration chair that was specially made by one of our moms last year and we CELEBRATE with  a chant and noise clackers the fact that our friend is having a special day.   They are also given a book from us .  At breakfast time  we always have birthday pancakes and sing ” Happy Birthday ! ”




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